We are excited to provide an opportunity again this year for students to receive the Presidential Service Award.  We understand that we are getting this opportunity started a bit late this year.  Thank you for your patience and thank you to Kinjal Shah for volunteering to lead this program for Evergreen students.  


Any student can earn the Presidential Service Award.  Many Evergreen students participate in activities that support the local community, whether it is through school, church,  Scouts or other areas of the community.  Evergreen Staff and PTSA would like to recognize those students who regularly incorporate community service into their schedules.   
The award is given for three levels of service: 

50+ hours - Bronze award 
75+ hours - Silver award 
100+ hours - Gold award 

How are community service hours tracked?  Each student is responsible for tracking and getting confirmation (if needed) of their own hours.  Hours are to be completed between June 1st to May 31st.  An announcement will be made late April / early May so students know deadline.  Best recommendation – start a file now so you are not scrambling at the end of the year.  If you are also doing hours for SOAR, you may make a copy and use the same sheet for the Presidential Service Award.

What information is needed in order to submit hours?  
  1. Application cover sheet 
  2.  Summary of hours including dates, projects, total hours (see example form below)
  3. Confirmation of hours, if more than 2 cumulative hours, for one activity (see example below)

How do I get confirmation of hours?  Any community service projects that are reported for more than 2 cumulative hours 
must have confirmation of the total number of hours.  Please have the Presidential Service Award form below signed by someone who witnessed the hours (preferably not a parent) and turn it in when all hours are requested.  

Examples of projects:  WEB Leaders, Student led ASB activities, lemonade stands/bake sales when the money collected is 
donated to charity, food drives, feeding the homeless, volunteering at church or with your Scout troop.  For more ideas on 
possible projects, go to www.generationon.org.  There are also many recommendations in the Program Outline document linked below. 
Important Student Resources: 
Application Cover Sheet 
Program Outline 
Presidential Service Award Confirmation of Hours 
EMS Volunteer Hour Tracking Sheet
What counts?/What doesn't count
Questions?  Email kinjal@evergreenptsa.org

Our school has been offering the PTSA sponsored Presidential Service Awards for student volunteers who meet the criteria for the past 10 years, and it has been a wonderful program!  We have been ramping up again since returning from COVID with more and more interest.  The students love the chance to earn an award for their volunteer efforts regardless of GPA or grade level.  
 The job isn't very time consuming, and includes the following tasks:
  • Promote the program during the year so the students have plenty of time to complete their volunteer hours.  The volunteer "year" is from June 1st - May 31st.   
  • Ensure students and families know that volunteering for this award is STUDENT LEAD, meaning they need to do the work: obtain volunteer information, do the volunteer work, and complete the necessary paperwork. 
  • Keep the bulletin board outside of the library up to date with volunteer opportunities.
  • Post volunteer opportunities on the Library Teams page with the help of the library secretary. 
  • Order certificates - they take about 3 weeks to arrive once ordered.
  • Make a presentation for the school announcements page listing the students names and award level they achieved to recognize their efforts.  
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