Our PTSA’s Mission is to be a powerful voice for children; a relevant resource for families, schools and communities; and a strong advocate for the education, health and well-being of all children.

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General Tips:

  • Consider picking up your student a few minutes later. Traffic is much lighter after 3:05 pm.
  • If your student is eligible to ride the bus, please have them do so. Buses are less crowded than they were earlier in the school year, now that several more have been added.
  • Please avoid parking along 208th to pick up your student. It's dangerous for your student to cross streets outside of designated crosswalks.
  • Use extra caution when approaching all crosswalks. EMS has many students who walk to and from school.
  • Kindly respect accessible parking stalls and the marked access areas next to them, which are exclusively for drivers and passengers with disabilities. Unless you have a permit, do not use them as waiting areas.
  • Thank you for driving slowly to keep everyone safe!


Picking Up Your Student

An overhead satellite image of Evergreen Middle School's campus, with marked lanes indicating traffic flow for student pick-up

NORTHBOUND TRAFFIC (from Sammamish/202):

  • Turn into the EMS driveway using the right-hand lane, marked in blue. If traffic is backed up behind you, please take advantage of the lower lot using the left-hand lane, marked in purple (see below for instructions).
  • Please alternate with vehicles coming from the north, taking turns to enter the driveway.
  • Please DO NOT BLOCK the bend/access to the tennis court and upper lot, marked in yellow. Stopping here makes it difficult for vehicles in the left lane to make the tight turn into the lower lot. Please stay as far to the right as possible to allow others to pass.
  • Pull as far forward as possible along the main curb between the green arrows. Narrowing the gap in front of your vehicle allows more cars to access the curb.
  • Have your student quickly enter the vehicle on the passenger’s side, using the sidewalk.*
  • After your student is safely in your vehicle, please signal and use caution when carefully pulling into the left-hand lane to bypass the waiting vehicles.
  • Watch out for and stop for students crossing the driveway, and be cautious of other cars pulling out in front of you.
  • STOP at the crosswalk unless directed to proceed by a crossing guard.
  • As you move toward the exit, please allow vehicles exiting from the lower lots to merge.

SOUTHBOUND TRAFFIC (from the Union Hill Road direction):

  • As you approach the EMS exit driveway on 208th, please kindly allow an exiting vehicle or two to merge onto 208th in front of you. If they cannot get out, other cars cannot get in!
  • Turn into the EMS driveway using the left-hand driveway lane, marked in purple. If traffic is clear, you may use the right-hand lane for the upper pick-up line (see above for instructions). If traffic is backed up, DO NOT BLOCK TRAFFIC behind you by waiting to turn into the right-hand driveway lane.
  • At the bend, turn left toward the lower parking lot
  • If you arrive before release time, you may pull your vehicle as far forward as possible, and as far to the left as possible in the zone marked with purple blocks. If this area is full, use any empty parking stalls.
  • Avoid blocking parking stalls while waiting. You might be blocking access to an empty space that another driver needs to park in. If you find yourself behind a parked car that needs to back out, please let them do so.
  • Students should cross the upper driveway at the main entrance crosswalk. Crossing in front of the gym door or elsewhere is extremely risky when the upper driveway is busy, and slows down the traffic flow.
  • Please be extra cautious of students crossing all driveway and parking lot lanes as well as crosswalks. DO NOT BLOCK crosswalks, marked in yellow, as students may be crossing here.
  • Please use caution as you turn from the lower lot into the exit driveway.


*If your student needs assistance or extra time, please park your vehicle in the lower lots instead of blocking traffic. Because our lots and pick-up lanes fill up quickly, plan ahead to time your arrival accordingly whenever possible.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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