Traffic Flow During Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Parents must drop off and pick up students in the student drop-off area in front of the school.

Parents should use the lower parking lots for drop-off and pick-up during busy times and whenever more time is needed.

Please always pull completely forward and be courteous of other families. Please only use parking spaces if you are 
entering the building, or if your student needs assistance or extra time.

Avoid excessive idling for the health of our community. If you are waiting for your student, please turn off your engine.

Strict adherence to traffic rules is imperative during drop-off and pick-up times to avoid causing traffic jams. Being 
constantly aware and driving slowly is important, as Evergreen has walkers and bikers during peak times.


Traffic on 208th Avenue NE

Pick-up and drop-off traffic can back up at busy times. Please try to avoid blocking traffic on 208th. Please pay special attention to vehicles coming out of driveways and cross streets.


Foot Traffic

Evergreen has many students walking to and from school. Please pay special attention at crosswalks.


Drop-Off Instructions

For complete instructions, please refer to this page, and view the video below.

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