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Sports, Activities & Clubs





Middle School can be confusing when it comes to sports, activities and clubs. The information on this page provides and overview.


Students are required to take 1 semester of Fitness in 6th Grade at Evergreen. 

School Sponsored Activities



Different sports are offered during the 4 seasons. For the 2021-22 school year, these are:

Season 1: 09/13/2021-10/29/2021
Boys Basketball
Boys Tennis
Coed Cross Country

Season 2: 11/1/2021-12/17/2021
Coed Soccer
Girls Badminton

Season 3: 2/7/2022-3/25/2022
Girls Basketball
Coed Wrestling

Season 4: 4/11/2022-6-3-2022
Coed Track and Field
Girls Tennis
Girls Volleyball

This is a great way to connect to the school and play a sport. There is a fee associated with playing a sport. Registration is through Final Forms (available in late August) and students will need to have a current physical to participate.

Intramural Athletics:

Non-competitive sports played with teams formed within EMS. These sports can vary each year depending on student interest. They are 2 weeks in length, typically in Jan / Feb. This is a great way to come out and be on the same team with friends or make new friends!

ASB Sponsored Activities:

ASB clubs are started and run completely by students with the help of the ASB teacher coordinator. Students are encouraged to develop and offer a variety of club opportunities to fellow students. These clubs are held during flex-time or after school.

For the current list, go to 

Options vary from year to year but may include:

ASB Government and Leadership - Grades 6-8

Environmental Club - Grade 6-8

Engineering & Design Club

Multicultural Club - Grades 6-8

National Junior Honor Society - Grades 7-8


PTSA Sponsored Activities:

Evergreen PTSA helps organize a number of enrichment activities. For the most current list, please go here: https://evergreenptsa.org/Page/Enrichment/Home

Most of the activities occur after school. 

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