Our PTSA’s Mission is to be a powerful voice for children; a relevant resource for families, schools and communities; and a strong advocate for the education, health and well-being of all children.

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School Starts: 8:25 AM

School Ends: Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday 2:55 PM

    Wednesday 1:25 PM


Middle School Schedules are organized by Periods. Students will have the same course during each semester in the same period. Each period is 47 minutes long, expect for 4th period which is longer, allowing for lunch.


Example Daily Schedule:

2021-22 Example Daily Schedule


Middle Schoolers don't have recess. Time between periods is spend changing classrooms.  

Flex Time:

On Tuesdays and Thursdays

Eagle Time:



Student eat lunch during one of 3 sessions. Lunch occurs during 4th period. Your student will be placed into one of the 3 sessions by school administration based on their class schedule.

Lunch A - 10:56 AM - 11:26 AM

Lunch B - 11:26 AM - 11:56 AM

Lunch C - 11:56 AM - 12:12 PM





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