Our Mission: We are committed to building a strong partnership between parents, community, and school to create a substantial and positive impact on our children's wholesome growth.

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Middle School vs Elementary School


  Elementary School Middle School



Most subjects (except for specialists like music & PE) are taught by one teacher in the same classroom.


Each subject is taught by a different teacher in a different classroom, students move from classroom to classroom.


Student Responsibilities


Students develop academic goals then the students, teachers, and parents work together to attain goals. Direct teacher/parent/student/counselor communication is encouraged.


Students develop academic goals and manage those goals on their own with guidance from teachers.
Direct teacher/student/counselor communication is encouraged, students learn to advocate for themselves.


Student Clubs


Most clubs and after school programs are run by PTSA volunteers and/or through vendors operating with a contract between vendor and PTSA.


Most clubs are run by the ASB.


Parent Involvement


Multiple in-class parent volunteer opportunities and teacher communication are available.


Limited in-classroom volunteers, occasional event volunteer opportunities offered by PTSA.


Teacher Communication


​​​​​​​Teachers typically send weekly classroom updates as well as meet each term for parent/teacher conferences. Additional parent/teacher/counselor meetings are available upon request.


Students are expected to advocate for themselves by taking responsibility for teacher communication. There are no scheduled parent/teacher conferences. Teacher/counselor meetings can be scheduled upon request.



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