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The Counseling Office offers a whole host of services and your student will want to know who her/his counselor is (determined alphabetically – please visit the website to determine which Counselor has been assigned to your student). Your school counselor will remain the same in 6th, 7th and 8th grade. 

Encourage your student to meet with their counselor. 

Among the services they provide are:
• Course registration and scheduling
• Managing elective choices
• Monitoring of student academic credits
• Academic, personal/social and career advising
• Coordination of referrals for community resources 
• Guidance for choosing high school path

School Counselor Role: Their role is to support student academic performance by providing social/emotional, academic, and career related interventions. The Counselors also provide classroom lessons to students on a wide range of topics including stress management, mindfulness and careers.

When should I consider contacting the school counselor?

  • If your student is experiencing any social/emotional distress.
  • If your student is having an academic concern that isn't resolved after working directly with the classroom teacher contact us.
  • If there is a significant change in your student’s behavior If you're unsure, please call or email.

Click here for Counseling Office Contacts.

There are 4 Counselors at EMS. Please visit the website to determine which Counselor has been assigned to your student.

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