Our Mission: We are committed to building a strong partnership between parents, community, and school to create a substantial and positive impact on our children's wholesome growth.

 Monthly Calendar  

Thursday, August 27th – 8th graders according to last name (see below for times)

Friday, August 28th – 7th graders according to last name (see below for times)

Monday, August 31st – 6th graders according to last name (see below for times)

For your grade level day, please come during your designated time: 
8:00 – 10:00 last names A-G
10:00 – 12:00 last names H-P
1:00 – 3:00 last names Q-Z

If you are not able to attend during your designated day and time, the laptop make-up day is Tuesday, September 1st from 8am – 3pm. Questions? Please contact Kevin Olson at kolson@lwsd.org.

If you have students in multiple grade levels, please choose only one of the applicable days.

Materials pick-up will be held outside along the front of the building and the north portables. When you arrive at school to pick up materials, please park in the main parking lot and limit the number of people who come to the building. We will have plenty of staff available to help students with this process.

Students and parents are asked to review the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and Laptop Handbook. All 6th graders and students new to EMS are required to complete a Laptop Agreement form, signed by both parent and student. Links to these documents are located below, as well as information about laptop insurance. Laptop insurance is optional and purchased through an outside vendor.

Before arriving at EMS for materials pick-up, please carefully do the following:

  • Bring a piece of paper or sticky note with your first and last name written clearly on it.
  • Print a copy of this checklist for the steps you need to do while at school. Your laptop will not work properly at home unless you complete these steps on the school network.
  • Review the information in the Student Acceptable Use Procedures and the Laptop Handbook: English or Spanish.
  • Bring a signed copy of the Laptop Agreement form: English or Spanish.

After returning home with your laptop, please do the following:

School Photos During Laptop Pick-Up

Dorian Studio is providing our school yearbook photos and ID/ASB Cards. Student photos are also updated in Skyward each year. Because we are operating under unique circumstances with school starting remotely, we have arranged for school photos to be taken at the same time as laptop and materials pick-up. School photos will be taken on August 27, 28, and 31 only, at students’ designated laptop pick-up times. There will be NO makeup day for photos.

It is important that every student is highlighted in our school yearbook, and we will consider alternate ways to include students who are not able to have their picture taken during laptop pick-up.

You can order your student’s picture online by visiting dorianstudio.com and searching for Evergreen Middle School, Redmond, WA. Your online order can be placed before picture day and up to four (4) days after. Orders will ship directly to your home. Questions? Call Dorian Studio’s Customer Advocate Department at (800) 826-3535.

School photos will take place in the north portables, and students will enter and exit directly through the portable doors. Please do not use the main school doors. There will be signs and staff directing you.


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