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2020 EMS PTSA & Studio East ArtReach Present

Ready Player Wonderland


Information & Dates

Register by: February 3, 2020

Mandatory Parent Meeting: February 3, 2020 at the Dickinson Elementary Library

Auditions, callbacks & casting: February 10-12, 2020

Rehearsals held: February 13 - March 20, 2020

Performances: March 21, 2020 (2pm and 7pm) at Redmond High School

Registration Fees: Actor Registration $150 or Stage Crew $60


This musical has Alice, the white rabbit, and the Queen of Hearts like you've never seen them! Alice gets sucked into a video game and can't get out until she solves all the puzzles, but the puzzles aren't what they seem. She has some help from the old white knight, but will it be enough? Can she beat the game and win the ultimate prize? Come and see!


Contact theater@evergreenptsa.org for questions.


How Theater Works

For families that have participated in past productions with Studio East at Evergreen, the below should sound familiar. We're sharing it here again as a reminder and to information new families: 

Mandatory Parent Meeting

Monday, February 3rd 2020, 7pm, Dickinson Elementary Library

This meeting is critical to ensure families understand how the program will occur and commit to supporting their student with attendance and volunteering. At the meeting, the Directing Team and Studio East are present to explain the process, answer questions and to meet the parents. They will go over available roles, how auditions will work and rehearsal schedule and requirements. Producers will go over the required paperwork, needed committees and other related business. Finally, parents sign up for Committees and receive/turn in all necessary paperwork if they haven't done so already during registration. You can read about the committees here and consider what you will sign up for ahead of the meeting. 


Monday, February 10th and Tuesday February 11th, 2020, 3pm - 6pm, EMS

Auditions help the directors cast students into roles. Other than the number of open roles (50), there is no cut-off for students who wish to participate. You cannot fail an audition. We will provide a sign-up option for specific audition time slots to help work around student's after school schedules. Students present a memorized monologue of 30-90 seconds. You can find sample monologues here. Director may give each student direction and watch for student response. The Music Director teaches a few lines of a song and asks students to sing in small groups and solo, and explains opportunities for those interested in solo-singing roles.

There are 2 days of auditions, followed by a Call Backs afternoon (Wednesday February 13th). The following day (Thursday February 14th) is a full cast read through, and casting is revealed to the students.

Producers will collect rehearsal conflicts from parents at registration time. Please be as accurate and complete as possible and note conflicts with the time your actor will be leaving and/or the time your actor will be arriving. These will be noted in a conflict calendar given to the directors, and will be taken into account when casting students into roles. 


Rehearsals will take place at the school, starting 15 minutes after school ends and go for 3 hours unless noted differently. Directors may request a subset of actors for some rehearsal, and producers will communicate a schedule as early as possible.

Conflicts noted on the conflict calendar submitted with the student registration are considered excused. Please notify the producers as soon as possible if your student is absent from school on a day they are expected at rehearsal. 

Please note: The final week of rehearsals (March 16-20, 2020) are mandatory for all cast members, no absences will be excused. 


Theater productions are made possible only with the support of theater families volunteering to fill the needed support roles. All parents of participating students are expected to contribute volunteer hours for the success of the show. Committee descriptions are here and you will have the chance to sign up at the parent meeting.  



Student Emergency and Medical Form

Production Contract

Audition Form

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