Evergreen Middle School PTSA

6900 208th Ave. N.E., Redmond, WA 98053 | 425 936-2320 |  Lake Washington School District 

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School year 2018-2019

Board Members

Role Name Email
Co-President Aziz El Ouaqid aziz@evergreenptsa.org
Co-President Deborah Robertson deborah@evergreenptsa.org
Co-Treasurer Vai Punniamoorthy vai@evergreenptsa.org
Co-Treasurer Jiarui Ge jiarui@evergreenptsa.org
Secretary Whitney Seamons whitney@evergreenptsa.org
Co-VP Services Carla Hurd carla@evergreenptsa.org
Co-VP Services Jennifer Hartpence jennifer@evergreenptsa.org
Co-VP Communications Judy Kaethler judy@evergreenptsa.org
Co-VP Communications Natalie Wells natalie@evergreenptsa.org
Co-VP Enrichment Deepa Ramamoorthly deepa@evergreenptsa.org
Co-VP Enrichment Cherene Dodge cherene@evergreenptsa.org
Co-VP Ways and Means Julianne Pierson julianne@evergreenptsa.org
Co-VP Ways and Means Barbara Feldon barbara@evergreenptsa.org
VP Legislation Barbara Feldon barbara@evergreenptsa.org


Committees & Chairs

Area Role Name Email
  Financial Review Committee    
  Awards Committee    
  Nominating Committee    
  LWSF Ambassador    
  Emergency Prep Cherene Dodge cherene@evergreenptsa.org
  Vision/Hearing Screening    
  Office Copy Volunteers    
  NIB Snacks    
  Social Event Concenssions    
  Social Event Volunteer Coordinator    
  Staff Appreciation    
  Student Pictures    
  Yearbook Distribution    
  Fun Run Volunteer Coordinator    
  Special Needs    
  Theater Janette Kovsky janette@evergreenptsa.org
Ways and Means      
  8th Grade Celebration    
  No-Effort Fundraising