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Mission & Goals


Washington State PTA Vision: 

That every child’s potential become a reality. 

Washington State PTA Mission: 

PTA is a powerful voice for children, a relevant resource for families and communities, and an advocate for the well-being and education of all children.


Evergreen Middle School PTSA Mission:

To encourage the connections between home, school, and community and to enrich the learning environment to benefit students, staff, and families. 


Evergreen Middle School PTSA Goals 2017-2018:

  • The EMS PTSA will work to improve and streamline communication between home and school via the EMS website, the EMS PTSA website, and the Eagle Express electronic newsletter.
  • The EMS PTSA will support programs that encourage student connections to EMS, foster school spirit, and improve learning.
  • The EMS PTSA will work to support staff in their classrooms and throughout the school through volunteering and funding.
  • The EMS PTSA will encourage meaningful parent involvement by providing volunteer opportunities, informative meetings, and relevant communication.  
  • The EMS PTSA will continue to strengthen partnerships with our elementary and secondary schools: Alcott Elementary, Dickinson Elementary, Rosa Parks Elementary, Wilder Elementary, Eastlake High School, and Redmond High School.  The EMS PTSA will work to support positive and informed transitions from elementary school into EMS and onto high school.