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Spirit Week is March 4th - March 7th!

Here's what to wear each day during this week: 

Monday, March 4th = Comfy Cozy Day

What to Wear:  PJ’s, sweat pants, onesies, slippers, sweatshirts, blankets, anything comfy.

Tuesday, March 5th = High School Colors Day

What to Wear: high school colors for Redmond, Eastlake, STEM, or any other high school of your choice.

Wednesday, March 6th = Childhood Day

What to Wear:  Flashback to grade school and wear popular fads from when you were younger, wear clothing that depicts characters from your favorite books, movies or tv shows from your childhood, or dress up as your favorite childhood character.

Thursday, March 7th = Travel the World Day

What to Wear: Wear clothing that is unique to your family heritage, wear the colors of a specific country's flag, anything you have from somewhere you have traveled (t-shirts, hoody, etc.), or dress like you would on vacation.

Friday, March 8th = No School – Teacher LEAP Day


***Please note:  school dress code still applies to all spirit days.