Our Mission: We are committed to building a strong partnership between parents, community, and school to create a substantial and positive impact on our children's wholesome growth.

 Monthly Calendar  

Evergreen PTSA offers grants to support Evergreen Middle School as it: enriches our students' school experience, improves the quality of material/equipment, increases access to learning opportunities.


Grant applications must be received by November 1, 2019. Approval notifications will be sent by November 20, 2019. Approved grants must be spent by March 2020. Unspent grants go back into the PTSA budget. 

Eligibility to apply for a grant

All Evergreen teachers and staff are eligible to apply for grants. Each grant application must be approved by the Principal to be qualified for evaluation.

Evaluation criteria 

All grant requests will be evaluated as per the criteria, as described below. The highest priority will be given to requests that help students reach academic goals or which benefit the largest number of students.  All requests will be reviewed by the EMS PTSA Board of Directors and approved by the EMS PTSA Board of Directors or the EMS PTSA General Membership. 



Number of students impacted 

We would prefer to create opportunities for a larger number of students. 

The impact is clearly articulated 

Please explain in detail the impact - short-term as well as long-term.

Dollar Impact 

Please summarize the overall value of the grant application.

Longevity of impact 

Please describe the duration of the impact, i.e. any follow-up activity to increase the overall impact.

Other sources of funding 

Please mention all other options of funding, which you may have explored. 



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