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Our 2018-2019 Grants process is now open for applications! We are proud to have delivered over $15,000 in grants to the school for the benefit of our students! 

2018-2019 Information

For this year, the budget for grants is $ 15,000.00. We urge all of you to submit your grant requests by end of October.  All grants submitted by this deadline will be responded to in November and funds would need to be spent by December 31st
If for some reason you are not able to submit your request in time this fall please do so before January 4th.  If there are funds remaining in the budget, the outstanding requests will be responded to in January and would need to be spent by April 30th
Any funds granted but not used within the designated period will be rescinded and repurposed. 

Evaluation Criteria 

All grant requests will be looked at but not all of them will be granted.  In general, the higher and broader the impact of what you plan to do with the grant the higher your chances are to get funding.  Here are some examples of what to expect: 



Number of students impacted 

The higher the number, the better. 

Impact is clearly articulated 

The more we understand the impact and added value, the better. 

Dollar Impact 

The higher the impact per dollar spent, the better. 

Longevity of impact 

Short, mid or long-term nature of the use is taken into account. 

Alignment with district curriculum 

We're looking to augment existing curriculum as opposed to replace it. 

Other sources of funding 

If they exist, they need to be tapped into first. 

Highest priority will be given to requests that help students reach academic goals or which benefit the largest number of students.  Examples of grants funded in the past are: education supplies or equipment, lab equipment, teaching or office supplies, books, fees for trips or clubs, and guest speakers.  All requests will be reviewed by the EMS PTSA Board of Directors and approved by the EMS PTSA Board of Directors or the EMS PTSA General Membership. 

Who is Eligible for a PTSA Grant? 

Everyone wanting to have a positive impact enhancing the academic development and learning experience of Evergreen Middle School students. 

How Does It Work? 

Fill out the online grant request form.  After review of the request and if approved, the PTSA will grant funds to the school district for Evergreen Middle School, and reimbursements or payments for these grants will come from the school.  To highlight the impact of parents contributions to enriching the education of their kids, please acknowledge this funding in any publication or presentations you make.