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K-Cups Wanted
Let's keep our teachers and staff happy and well-caffeinated! We are looking for donations of K-cups, tea, and creamer for the teachers lounge. If you have any you are willing to contribute please send them with your student. We will have a collection basket in Mrs. Casolary's office.   ... read full article
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Staff Traditions Lunch12/2/201712/14/2017
Staff Traditions Lunch
With such a diverse community, there is no such thing as a typical winter holiday so let's all share a little of whatever traditions your family celebrates with our fabulous, hard-working Evergreen Middle School staff on Thursday, December 14. Let's show them some love!  SIGN UP HERE ... read full article
Wed Ski Bus - Mandatory Meeting12/2/201712/7/2017
Wed Ski Bus - Mandatory Meeting
We are happy to be offering a ski bus to Summit Central Ski Area on Wednesdays after school beginning on January 3 for 6 consecutive weeks. The bus will depart from Evergreen at 1:30 and return at 8:30pm. Cost for ski lessons & the bus is $286.50, cost for bus transportation only is $158. Mandatory Parent Meeting & Registration-Thursday December 7 at 7pm in the Evergreen Commons for any student interested in participating ... read full article
Help For The Holiday Gift Card Donations12/2/201712/13/2017
Help For The Holiday Gift Card Donations
Please consider donating $25 Fred Meyer or Target gift cards to help our own students and families in need for the holidays. The Evergreen Middle School community has always proven generous in providing assistance for those who need it most.  We are partnering with the PTSA to provide $25 gift cards to Target or Fred Meyer to help out 60 of our own families over the holidays, but we need your help.  A box wrapped in holiday gift paper has been set out in the Counseling Office to deposit your donations.  Please drop off gift cards there, or send them ... read full article
Help Needed - Wreath Pick-up12/2/201712/8/2017
Help Needed - Wreath Pick-up
The Music Department's fundraiser was a great success, and all those wreaths, poinsettias, and chocolate coins now need to be distributed. We need help getting them unloaded from the truck, sorted by student, and then picked up. There are three 2-hour volunteer shifts on Thursday December 7th. If you can spare a couple hours to help, please sign up for a shift below. Thanks so much!!!! SIGN UP HERE ... read full article
Washington Supreme Court McCleary Ruling11/18/201712/2/2017
Washington Supreme Court McCleary Ruling
This week's supreme court ruling will impact the LWSD and Evergreen Middle School. Follow the link below for a summary of what it means: MCCLEARY RULING ... read full article
Save the Date - Meet Dr. Pierce11/18/20171/12/2018
Save the Date - Meet Dr. Pierce
Please mark your calendar and plan to attend the EMS PTSA general membership meeting on January 11 at 7:00 PM in the library.  Dr. Traci Pierce, LWSD Superintendent, will be in attendance and present information on the bond & levies that will voted on in the district February 13, 2018     .   http://www.lwsd.org/about-us/2018-bond-and-levies ... read full article
Nominating Committee Volunteers Needed11/18/20171/12/2018
Nominating Committee Volunteers Needed
The role of the nominating committee is to recruit people for elected PTSA positions. This committee plays a vital role in PTSA's success. Having qualified people in leadership positions is paramount to fulfilling our mission as a PTSA. Committee work includes holding meetings, reviewing nominations, and searching for the best qualified candidates for leadership roles in the PTSA. If you're interested in volunteering for this position, please contact   Shelley Guthrie   or Deborah Robertson   ... read full article
K-Cups Wanted11/18/20171/31/2018
K-Cups Wanted
Let's keep our teachers and staff happy and well-caffeinated! We are looking for donations of K-cups, tea, and creamer for the teachers lounge. If you have any you are willing to contribute please send them with your student. We will have a collection basket in Mrs. Casolary's office.   ... read full article
Wanted: Pantry Packs Hunger Champion11/18/201712/2/2017
Wanted: Pantry Packs Hunger Champion
Did you know that the Pantry Packs program feeds more than 800 students in need within the district each weekend? The Lake Washington Schools Foundation and Feed Washington need help raising funds and coordinating outreach at EMS. They have a campaign coming up and need coordinators in each school. LWSF will supply the necessary info and a flyer; they just need someone to help support things on behalf of EMS. If you'd be interested in being a Hunger Champion for EMS, send an e-mail to  Shelley Guthrie or Deborah Robertson  and we'll connect you with the Feed Washington campaign director. ... read full article
School Dance - Oct 2710/21/201710/27/2017
School Dance - Oct 27
OUR FIRST EMS DANCE IS ALMOST HERE! Friday, October 27th - First School Dance - Superhero Theme! Our first dance will be held from 2:45-4:45 pm in the gym.  Students are encouraged to dress up in the Superhero theme.  (*See previous information about Spirit Week for info about what to wear.) DON'T FORGET YOUR SOCKS!  All dances are "sock hops" to protect the gym floor.  Concessions will be available for purchase at the dance.  Pizza, candy and water will be sold.  Students may bring spending money, but please, no Bills larger than $5.00 (otherwise, the concession stand runs out of ... read full article
Photos of Veterans NeededJudy Kaethler10/21/201711/3/2017
Photos of Veterans Needed
For our upcoming Veterans Day Assembly, we are hoping to honor veterans through a slideshow. We at ASB, are asking you for pictures of your friends or family that have served in any branch of the Armed Forces. With each photo submitted, we would appreciate if you could give us the following information for each veteran: The name of the veteran The branch of military in which they served Years of service The veteran's relationship to which Evergreen students Please send one photo of each veteran with the accompanying information to emsasb@lwsd.org   The deadline for photo submission is Friday, ... read full article
Now Hiring Nurses10/17/201710/31/2017
Now Hiring Nurses
Currently, Lake Washington School District has several open positions for RNs in Health Services. You may apply to work as a school Health Services Specialist—1:1 with a medically fragile student or as a substitute nurse. If you are a registered nurse who is interested in a rewarding position working in the school district, please contact Health Services Supervisor, Molly Houtchens for more information or apply online at: https://ats4.searchsoft.net/ats/job_board_frame?COMPANY_ID=00013612&APPLICANT_TYPE_ID=00000002   ... read full article
Second Season Sports10/11/201711/3/2017
Second Season Sports
Basketball - Boys' (7th & 8th) and  Girls' (6th, 7th, & 8th)  Online payment for 2 nd  season sports is now open for those who would like to participate. The first day of practice for 2 nd  season sports is 10/30, and all paperwork must be received in the athletics office no later than 10/25 in order to participate in the first practice.  After 11/3, paperwork will no longer be accepted for participation. Please contact Mr. Dowling ( zdowling@lwsd.org ) or Kathleen Nilsen ( Knilsen@lwsd.org ) if you have any questions.   ... read full article
7/8th Grade DC Trip9/20/201710/4/2017
7/8th Grade DC Trip
7 th  & 8 th   GRADE WASHINGTON, D.C.  AND NEW YORK TRIP     If you are interested in finding out about the annual DC/NY trip, scheduled for June 23-30, Mrs. Fleet and Ms. Kesler will be having an informational meeting on  Monday, September 25th . The meeting will be from  7:00-8:00 in the library at Dickinson Elementary School . This year the trip will be through the nonprofit Close Up organization ( www.closeup.org ) Hope to see you at our informational meeting!   ... read full article
Middle School Quest9/12/20179/26/2017
Middle School Quest
Middle School Quest Parent Information Night Coming Soon: Current Grades 5-7 Middle School Quest  serves highly capable students in grades 6-8. The  middle school Quest program allows the most highly capable students to engage in rigorous and challenging curriculum with their academic peers. The program meets the needs of students who have been identified as having exceptional cognitive and academic ability by accelerating and enriching the district curriculum. Classes include greater breadth and depth of subject matter and a wide variety of learning processes and teaching methods. There are high expectations for student work and achievement.   To learn more about the program and the application ... read full article
Redmond School Boundary Meeting9/12/20179/29/2017
Redmond School Boundary Meeting
Please join us at one of the following meetings to provide feedback on new scenarios for the Redmond area boundary review process.  The Redmond Boundary Review Committee will bring these updated draft scenarios for your review and feedback. We will also be posting these scenarios on our website later this month.  Community Feedback Meetings: September 26: 6:30-8 p.m., Redmond Middle School September 28: 6:30-8 p.m., Evergreen Middle School Additional information has been put on the district boundary website.  It is recommended that you review this information prior to the community feedback meetings.  You will notice that student enrollment data has ... read full article
Traffic Safety at EMSJudy Kaethler9/12/20179/26/2017
Traffic Safety at EMS
Evergreen is bigger than ever, with nearly 1250 students, and with this traffic in the morning and afternoon is a challenge. Nothing is more important than the safety of our students and staff, so we wanted to share some thoughts with parents to help both you and the Eagle staff during especially busy traffic times.   Please don’t park and sit with your student in the morning .  With more than 100 staff members in the building, there is limited parking.  We are getting reports of parents parking between 7:15 and 7:45 and waiting together.  Unfortunately, this is taking away ... read full article
Reporting AttendanceJudy Kaethler9/12/20179/26/2017
Reporting Attendance
Attention Evergreen parents, we would like to notify you about the new option of reporting attendance on the Evergreen Attendance email.  Parents can now access the Attendance Email ( EvergreenAttendance@lwsd.org ) by going on the Evergreen website home page and clicking the email link next to Attendance.  Parents can also report attendance on the absentee line at (425) 936-2321.  Both options are for reporting any attendance matters  (full day absences, late arrivals, and early dismissals) .  For reporting planned absences, please complete and turn in the planned absence form available at the attendance office.  The planned absence form is also ... read full article