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We've all heard about staff shortages during these crazy times right now. At Evergreen, we are fortunate to still have enough staff to cover all periods, however teachers go beyond their daily load to cover for each other. They give up their planning time to step in and are going above and beyond their expected workload.

As community, we are limited in what we can do right now. Visitors are discouraged at school, and for any staff luncheons prepacked meals are preferred. When we set our budget for staff appreciation, we didn't take these circumstances into account. We accounted just for the usual amount thinking we will have parents contribute with homemade goods.

With that in mind, we do want to show our staff some extra love and appreciation. Especially now, when stress levels are high. If you are financially able, please consider contributing some extra money to our staff appreciation budget, so we can do a little extra for our Evergreen staff.



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