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 Monthly Calendar  

Theater productions at Evergreen are a community project. We need parent volunteers to fill the needed support roles to make the play a success and a great experience for the students. 

Here are the committees needed for the play, sign-ups will be available at the Parent Meeting.

Costumes Committee

1 lead and 5 volunteers

Studio East Contact: Jessica Spencer

Costumes are provided by Studio East. Committee is responsible for pickup/return of costumes to Studio East, slight alterations, and distribution of costumes.

At beginning of Rehearsals

  • Notify Studio East Costumer of any children who may not fit into a typical sized costume and their role.
  • Make notes to self about groups where costumes may need to be sorted by size.
  • Make an appointment with the Studio East Costumer for costume pick-up via email.

Week 3-4 (approximately)

  • Pick up prepared costumes at the Studio, and organize for the production.  Brown paper bags work best - one for each actor.   Once they are tried on and you know they fit, they go into the actor’s bag.
  • Make alterations if need be. Be sure to follow the guidelines given to you by the Studio East Costumer.


  • Coordinate costumes before and after performances.

Post Performance, you have one week to return the costumes:

  • Check costumes back in from actors.
  • Wash costumes following the guidelines given to you by the Studio East Costumer.
  • Re-pack neatly and return to Studio East by appointment with the Costumer.
  • Make a note of any damages or repairs and let the Costumer know so they can be fixed before the next school.

Props Committee

2 volunteers

Studio East Contact: Jessica Spencer

Most Props are done, and a few others may need to be procured by your committee.  If the Director comes up with something new, contact us to see if we have it, if not, you find it, make it, buy it, whatever is needed.                      

Week 3 (approximately)

  • Check in with Director about when props are needed.
  • Make an appointment with the Studio East Props Mistress for props pick-up via email.

Week 4 (approximately)

  • Pick up props at an appointment with the Props Mistress at the Studio, and bring to rehearsal.
  • You’ll need to arrange proper storage/transportation of props between rehearsals and performances.


  • Coordinate props before and after performances.

Post Performance

  • Check props back in.  If anything is broken or missing, you need to replace it.
  • Re-pack neatly, and return to Studio East by appointment with the Props Mistress.
  • Make a note of any damages or repairs and let the Props Mistress know so they can be fixed before the next school.

Set Construction Committee

1 lead and 2 volunteers

Studio East Contact: Jessica Spencer

Sets are transported in the Studio East van.  Committee is responsible unloading it into the performance venue, putting it together, and striking (taking down) the set after final performance.  The Studio Technical Director or Assistant will be at all load-ins and load-outs to direct the crew. Parents with screw guns who know how to use them are the most helpful!

Week 3

  • Lead needs to contact Erik about arranging load in and strike

Week 6

  • Load In happens at the beginning of the 6th week. Unload the set from the van and help put it together. 

Post Performance

  • Following the final performance, help strike (take down) the set and load it into the Studio East van.

Backstage Chaperones

2 per performance, 4 total
  • Be present backstage prior to performance and during performance to keep actors focused, on task, and quiet.
  • Make sure they are in costume and make-up at required time.
  • Work with stage managers as needed.
  • Lead will create the performance schedule

Hair/Makeup Committee

4 volunteers

Hair and makeup volunteers give instructions on what actors need to show up with. They also will send out information regarding hairstyles with pictures included. They will go through our makeup bins, making sure we have facial wipes, lipsticks, eye shadow, blush at the ready, delivering & setting everything up at RHS.

Rehearsal Chaperones

1 lead and 1 or 2 chaperones per rehearsal

(There are approximately 24 rehearsals)

The lead would need to coordinate rehearsal Chaperones, and be the source for re-scheduling, etc. Parents are not expected to chaperone a rehearsal to which their child has not been called, therefore there will be some moving of chaperones after the rehearsal schedule comes out.  Rehearsal chaperones are there to monitor students between the end of school and the beginning of rehearsal, handle emergencies and provide disciplinary back-up to the Directors, as well as monitor set-up and clean-up of the rehearsal space.  Chaperones stay to make sure all students are signed out and picked up.

Tickets Committee

4 volunteers

With the producers, agree on the number of tickets to be sold for each show, method of ticket printing, sale dates and prices. Sell tickets at school before and after school. Arrange for other means of purchasing tickets such as via phone, kid mail, email etc. Have ticket table open for night of performance ticket sales. Arrange with Producers for “Bank” night of show ticket sales. Arrange additional volunteers to help with sales as needed

Publicity Committee

3 volunteers 
  • Ensure publicity posters are on display at Evergreen.
  • Display posters at Evergreen, as well as elementary feeder schools. In addition, display posters at local retail shops such as Starbucks etc.
  • Work with ticket committee to heavily publicize ticket sales and prices through PeachTree, Eagle Express, morning announcements, elementary flyers, posters etc.
  • Please have producers approve posters prior to printing.

Graphics for posters are available from Studio East

Concession Committee

4 volunteers
  • Procure concession items to be sold at pre-show and intermission at each performance.  Include bottled water, baked goods, etc.
  • Sell concessions before each performance and at intermission.  Arrange extra sales help if needed.
  • Arrange with Producers for cash bank for sales.
  • May also want to add flowers to concession sales.
  • Arrange additional volunteers to help with sales as needed

Advertising Committee

2 volunteers

This is not a difficult committee, but it is one of the most important!  This can all be done via phone and email. Contacting previous advertisers and parents of actors is an easy and efficient way to sell advertising.  Money raised through advertising allows us to keep our participation fee and tickets prices low. Coordinate with Programs committee to ensure smooth information transition.

  • Contact parents of actors, parents of EMS students, friends, family and local business to sell advertising in the program.  This is a very important part of the production as it helps to keep our costs down for students to participate in the play and our ticket sale costs.
  • Sell “good luck” ads in the program to family, friends, teachers etc. of the actors to send a special message to each actor (check with Communications how to easily collect these online). Pass these to Programs committee. 

Programs Committee

2 volunteers

Knowledge of Microsoft Publisher recommended.

  • Design and print performance programs, prior art can be reused.
  • One person collects information (via email or online, check with Communications) and one person does layout of playbill
  • Programs include student bios and photographs
  • Include ads from advertising committee, Studio East gets back-page ad (usually upcoming productions)


2 volunteers

Take head shot pictures of students, create bulletin board at school.  Take candid and posed pictures at final dress rehearsal.  Create wall board of actors at RPAC.


Cast Party Committee

3 volunteers
  • Cast party to be held at School after last performance
  • Time for party is 1 hour.
  • Keep it simple!
  • Responsible for set-up, clean-up and chaperoning
  • Budget to be determined for party and gifts.
  • Cast party is for actors only. No parents (other than chaperones and no siblings)

Director Gifts

1 volunteers
  • Purchase director gifts for director, musical director and choreographer and cards to be signed by actors

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