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PTSA Board and Chair Positions

We have a number of open PTSA board and chair positions. Click on the position below to see a description and please consider joining us! 


Parent Volunteer Opportunities

PTSA often recruits volunteers to help with school our own PTSA activities. Here are the open sign-ups we currently have: 


Nominating Committee - 3-4 community members that help locate volunteers to staff the PTSA board and chair positions for the following school year. The committee's primary operating time is Feb - April, during which they network to identify interested candidates. They submit a "slate" of candidate to the current board and in the Spring membership meeting, the slate is voted on. Overall time investment is 3-4 hours per week in peek operation time frame. 

Financial Review Committee - 3 community members (who are not current treasurer, president or secretary) that help ensure our PTSA is following the required financial guidelines. The committee members meet once generally for a couple of hours and fill out a questionnaire about the PTSA's finances. The treasurers provide access to the necessary financial documents to allow the committee to fill out the questionnaire efficiently. The review must be completed half way through the fiscal year, which means after 12/31 and ideally within 2-3 weeks of that date. 

E-Prep Chair - together with the local PTA council and other resources, the Emergency Preparedness chair ensures our school is ready in case of emergency. Key responsibilities include emergency supplies in classrooms, often purchased in bulk, as well as sharing information and safety tips with the parents community from other E-Prep organizations and committees (such as council). The role requires 2-3 hours per week in the first few weeks of the school year to inventory emergency supplies and arrange for appropriate stock. 

VP of Advocacy - a board position, the Advocacy VP focuses on legislative issues related to or affecting our students, staff, school and district. They attend the annual Legislative Assembly representing our membership, as well as other local or state PTA activities. In addition to legislative advocacy, a few chairs run student advocacy initiatives such as Pantry Packs, special needs and our ambassador to the Lake Washington Schools Foundation. 

Volunteer Coordinator - our PTSA helps both school and Associated Student Body (ASB) activities by recruiting parents volunteers to support those activities. A Volunteer Coordinator is the main point for school and ASB parties needing volunteers, and for other PTSA areas seeking volunteer support. The coordinator then sets up the means of recruitment (SignUp Genius, web site, communications etc) and ensures the activities are staffed. The role requires 1-1.5 hours per week, a few weeks per school year.