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Visual Arts Finalists 

“The Imagination Of Einstein” By Dhreeti Taneja

This piece of artwork relates to the theme because Albert Einstein is my hero, and here, he is shown in many different colors which represents imagination. A very famous quote of Einstein is “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. He inspires to take my imagination beyond boundaries and that is what I have tried to portray in this painting.  
 “A Man Picking Up Litter” By Chenhan Wang (Award of Excellence @ LWSD)“A Man Picking Up Litter” By Chenhan Wang
 A hero does not have to be flashy character. This painting shows a man picking up a piece of garbage. He went out of his way to do something good to the community an environment. Now anyone could be that hero.  
 “A Journey With My Heroes” By Yan Zhu (Honorable Mention @ LWSD)
 My drawing relates to theme “Heroes Around Me” because it shows the journey I’ve gone through with my heroes. Each photograph following the paper airplane depicts a hero of mine: my mom, for taking care of me; my friends, for supporting me during hard times; my teachers who teach me valuable knowledge, and my pets, for cheering me up when I’m sad.  
“The Heroes in US” By Sophia El Ouaqid (Honorable Mention @ LWSD)
“Everyday Heroes” By Caroline Adams
There are heroes in movies, and heroes in real life. Sure not all of us look like one, but it goes deeper than appearances. We are surrounded by heroes every day. Teachers, parents, doctors and more. We might not see it ourselves, but there is a hero in all of us.
“Heroes Come From The Heart” By Lexi Sevigny 
“Heroes Come From The Heart” By Lexi Sevigny
To me, a hero is someone that understands that the POWER OF GIVING LOVE TO THE WORLD, is much greater than having power himself. Anyone with a heart can be a hero. Firefighters, doctors, teachers, innovators. Even parents, people who choose to pick up trash, plant trees, take part in preventing global warming, & just being a great friend overall, anyone who chooses to give love over getting power is a true hero. 
“Tree Doctors” By Rowena Yin 
“Tree Doctors” By Rowena Yin
When people think of heroes, they imagine firefighters and police officers. However, some animals, such as the woodpecker can be heroes as well. Like doctors or surgeons, who remove tumors from humans to keep people healthy, woodpeckers remove ticks and other insects from trees to make sure they stay in good condition. Trees are vital to all different species, since they produce oxygen that we need to survive. Without woodpeckers, trees would be infested with insects that will slowly kill them off. In this case, woodpeckers are heroes to our environment. 
“True Heroes” By Rohan Chidurala (Honorable Mention @ LWSD)
“True Heroes” By Rohan Chidurala
The teenage girl who is portrayed in my artwork is very busy looking at her electronic devices. She does not spare any time for her friend. She continues to ignore him not realizing that he is sad. When she was drowning neither her laptop nor any other gadgets helped her, instead it is her friend that lent his hand to rescue her. Many teenagers are preoccupied with the usage of smart phones, computers and tablets. They unfortunately are unable to notice the true heroes. People who lend a helping hand are the true heroes.  
Women Impacting The Future Of Sports” By Amanda Huang 
“Women Impacting The Future Of Sports” By Amanda Huang
Female coaches, or women athletes impacting the future of sports aren’t seen very often, even in women sports. The female coaches and athletes who are positively impacting the future of their sport are my heroes. On the left, is my batting coach, Ashley Charters, who played softball at UW. On the top right, is my favorite softball player, Ali Aguilar, current USA player. And, on the bottom right, is Heather Tarr, the head coach of UW softball. These people not only encourage/inspire me to become a better softball player, but to be a courageous leader on and off the field. 
“My Mom, My Hero” By Dhanvee Prabakarraj
“My Mom, My Hero” By Dhanvee Prabakarraj
My mom has supported me always. She makes me laugh, and she is someone I can talk to easily. She is my role model, and I love her so much. My mom is my hero, and I have drawn a mom cradling a baby to dedicate it to my mom.  
“The Heroes I Live With” By Harshita Raja (Award of Excellence @ LWSD)
“The Heroes I Live With” By Harshita Raja
My work is a board with 2 charcoal pictures dedicated to my parents. Sure, there are other heroes, but the ones who have really saved me are my parents. My mom has protected me from the start when I was in her womb to now 12 years later. She has loved and prepared me, and I will be eternally grateful. My dad has held my hands, stared me dead in the eye, and comforted me. He tells me it’s okay to make mistakes as long as I learn from them. With these two combined, I live the best life I could ever wish for. So this project is dedicated to the heroes I live with.  
“Everyday Heroes” By Caroline Adams
“Everyday Heroes” By Caroline Adams
 This drawing is about a girl who is seeing or thinking about all the “heroes” around her. At the bottom left are parents. At the top left there is a scientist. In the middle left, there is a firefighter. At the top middle left, there is veteran. At the bottom right in the middle there is a cat. In the bottom right there is a surgeon. In the middle right there is a dog rescuing a child. At the top right, there is a volunteer. Lastly, at the top middle right there is a police officer and her dog.