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Literature Finalists

"Dance of Nature" By Vedika Patani

I stand beside a hero,
Who wears a leafy cape of green,
She has roots that grow deep,
And adventures that soar high,
She braves many battles,
And fights many trials,
A cloud full of stories,
A sky full of wisdom,
And an ocean full of love,
Her secrets spread in whispers and songs,
Like the wind in the night,
As it howls in an unknown tongue.

"Immigrant" By Aditi Ajoy (Award of Excellence @ LWSD)

how did it feel to cross so may borders
both mentally and physically
to know you only had so much to give
but so much you had to get
everything you hoped for behind walls
that were far too high to climb
so instead you worked your way around
you lived offall that you wished for
as if you held your hopes in your hand
guess they don't call you a dreamer for nothing
your body may be; but your mind was never defined by land

"The Moonbeam Between" By Aleksy Umbers

Like a lotus spreading its gleaming petals
Reflecting the moon's light all alone on a lake,
I find myself lost in confused waters
Searching for a moonbeam to startle me awake.

Every person I've ever met is a bit of that moonbeam
They've helped ond led me through a grand, Life wave,
They are my heroes because they have saved me
From one more falter that I could have made.

Each hero of mine has taught me a lesson
From "finish your food" to "be kind to all",
And at the top of all my heroes you will find my mother
The finest hero I can ever recall.

My mother loves and cares obout me so very much
She practically carries the world on her back,
She is my biggest hero because without her I'd drown
And not once has she let the world weigh her down.

As a buttercup cradles o clear drop of water
My mother supports me with all her heart,
And if, somehow, the moonbeam between was shattered
My petals would wither and fall apart.

My heroes are people that are there when I need them
Ones that inspire ond teach me,
Beings I will remember for the rest of my life
Becouse they shine with their inner beauty.

Heroes, like swift, beautiful birds flutter around me
Perching upon my thoughts and twittering in my ears,
Heroes, or more accurately, ordinary people
Are the founders of my security, ond the slayers of my tears.


 "Excerpt from Courage" By Kelly Lin (Award of Merit @ LWSD)

 Please click here to download the PDF file.

 "Unsung Heroes" By Chashni Golla

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Music Composition

"Dance in C Minor" by Bozheng Zhang

Please click here to download the notes file in PDF, and click here to download the MP3 file.

Film Production

"Heros around me" By Saanvi Vashisht

Please click here to download video in MP4 format.