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Evergreen PTSA focus is to provide support to the school through 2 key services: the first - recruiting and organizing volunteers needed by the school for various events like dances, schedule handouts, fun run, battle of the books etc. These events are organized by the ASB and they rely on parent volunteers to make them happen. Our second way of supporting the school is by organizing the effort of fundraising from our membership and turning the funds into grants to the school and staff for needed items, from staff training, to curriculum support, to appliances such as projectors and more, as well as scholarships for students in need. 

In addition, we support the Theater program at Evergreen by providing pass-through funding, organize Emergency preparedness, support our staff by providing Staff Appreciation events and help with events such as 8th grade celebration.

As our school goes through transition this coming year, with the student population dropping by almost half, and a new choice middle school established on premise in 2020-2021 school year, there are many more opportunities for PTSA to step up and contribute. There has been talk about moving the clubs under the wings of PTSA similar to how Theater operates. We plan to recruit a FACE chair that will collaborate with the district’s effort of Family and Community Engagement to help orient incoming and international families to our school.

How much we do and accomplish comes down to the number and passion of volunteers on our board and community. There is always plenty of opportunity.

If you are interested to serve on any of these positions, please contact nomcom@evergreenptsa.org. We will provide full training from our current board members and documentation to support your role, so please don't hesitate to join. 

Open Board Positions 2019-2020

  • President and Co-President [1 FILLED, 1 OPEN]
    Lead the PTSA board, work closely with school administration and PTSA council to maintain a well operating PTSA. 
  • Treasurer [FILLED]
    Manage all incoming and outgoing funds, track budget, drive tax reporting and corporate registration. 
  • Secretary [FILLED]
    Take and keep notes of our board and membership meetings. Review correspondence with presidents, including bank statements. 
  • Ways and Means [FILLED]
    Oversee our "Pass the Hat" fundraiser, as well as online "no effort" fundraising with parents such as Amazon. Work with local vendors interested in helping with fundraising (Pizza, Frozen Yogurt etc). 
  • Activities [1 FILLED, 1 OPEN]
    Key responsibility is to work with the school to organize volunteers for the various needs. These include Vision/Hearing Screening, Health Room, Copy Room, Staff Appreciation, Schedule distribution and student pictures, Etc. 
  • Membership
    One of our key goals is to drive our community to become members, to lend their voices to the larger PTA voice in our state. Membership VP manages the process (mostly online) and drives membership to increase. 
  • Advocacy
    Stay on top of legislative priorities for our local and state PTA and share information from these sources with our community. 
  • Enrichment [FILLED]
    Oversee enrichment programs such as Theater and Reflections. 
  • Communications [1 continuing, 1 OPEN]
    Run the information channels our PTSA users - newsletter, Facebook, web site as well as our "back office" using Office365. 

Open Chair Positions 2019-2020

  • Volunteer Coordinator
    Work with the school staff to organize and recruit volunteers from our community to help with school and PTSA events and activities. 
  • FACE Ambassador
    An exciting focus for the district, Family And Community Engagement is all about inclusion and ensuring we reach *everyone* in our community. 
  • Emergency Preparedness
    A district requirement, organize emergency preparedness supplies and share information with the community. 
  • 8th Grade Celebration
    Organize a fun activity for our departing 8th graders.
  • Staff Appreciation (2)
    Organize luncheons and other activities to show our staff our appreciation for all they do with and for our students. 
  • Theater Producer (2)
    Our long standing partnership with Studio East has produced so many lovely performances and experiences for our students. Producers are the logistics behind it all, organizing, communicating, etc. 
  • Pantry Packs
    Learn from a pro, we have a long standing chair that is going into their final year. Help ensure those who are in need receive help. 
  • Special Needs Liaison
    Connect with local and state PTA as well as district special needs groups and help keep the community informed.