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Registration closed for 2019-20


Tournaments Dates

  • SO team(s) registration with Science Olympiad organization: Sep 3rd to Dec 1st
  • Teams and Formation
    • Registered student information shared with all parents registered for SO to form teams by 9/28
    • Students form teams: Students interact with each other to form teams between 9/28 (Sunday) – 10/2
    • Parents and students meet at school to finalize teams – 10/3,  6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
    • Team Size: Science Olympiad (SO) allows for up to 6 teams per school and up to 15 students per team. This gives an opportunity to a total of 90 kids to participate in SO. Based on the interest shown during the informational session and the students being split between Evergreen Middle School (EMS) and Timberline Middle School (TMS) we do not expect more than 90 students to participate in SO from EMS. See below on how we plan to form teams. It is recommended that teams start with about 12 students and expand the team to 15 as the team advances through regional to state to nationals.

  • Invitational Tournaments:
    • SW Regional B tournament Invitational Camas High School, Camas WA – Dec 14, 2019. $70.00 registration fee per team.
      • Message from CAMAS: Team set-up is in the CHS Commons; enter through the door by the flagpole. The doors will be open by 7:45 AM. We are normally done with awards by 4:30 pm. There will be invitational medals for 1, 2, 3 in each event and trophies (max 1 per school) for 1, 2, and 3. Please bring your own food.
    • NW Regional B tournament Invitational Northshore Middle School, Bothell WA – Jan 18, 2020 Tentative date to be confirmed.
    • NW Regional B tournament Invitational Redmond High School, Redmond WA – Feb 1, 2020 Tentative date to be confirmed.
  • Regional Tournaments: TBD (Based on last year dates)
    • Eastern Region – March 14, 2020 - Spokane Community College
    • Eastern Region - B Division Only - March 7, 2020 - Big Bend Community College, Moses Lake
    • Northwest Region – B Division Only - March 21, 2020, Tentative - Bothell High School
    • Southwest region – Match 7, 2020 - Lower Columbia College
  • State Tournament: University of Washington, April 18, 2020
  • National Tournament: North Carolina University, Raleigh, May 15-16, 2020.

How Science Olympiad Works at Evergreen

Science Olympiad (SO) is a middle school (Division B) and high school(Division C) team competition in which students compete in 'events' pertaining to five disciplines, that include Life, Personal & Social Science, Earth & Space Science, Physical Science & Chemistry, Inquiry& nature of Science and lastly Technology & Engineering. Each of these categories has four to five events within them.

By combining events from all disciplines, Science Olympiad encourages a wide cross-section of students to get involved. Emphasis is placed on active, hands-on group participation.


Requirements and Commitment

  • Parent team coach is required to be a PTSA member and should also register as volunteers with LWSD.
  • Register for EMS-SO by due date.
  • Each Student takes on two to four subjects . The syllabus for these subjects is high school level or higher. Students will need to spend anywhere between 2-4 hrs per subject per week. An additional 2-3 hrs per week per subject will be needed for subject teams to meet. Construction and build projects take even a longer time. In addition, to that successful teams meet 3 -4 hrs over the weekend to perform combined activity.
  • Potential travel to regional, state competition or even national competition based on qualification.
  • Students will need a lot of help from parents and parent commitment is very important
  • At least one parent coach to manage and mentor the team
  • Please refer to “Additional commitments” section below for more details.


  • $25 (same as last year’s fee) non refundable registration fee for each student. This fee will be collected after team formation is completed.
  • Team registration fee of $250.00 + processing fee per team. This is the Washington State Science Olympiad registration fee.
  • Extra study materials fee $50.00 - $500 per student per team.
  • Extra invitation and other tournaments fee.
  • Travel and accommodation fee if needed


This is the first time we are formulating a written process for SO at EMS. It is difficult to anticipate and document all possible scenarios. This will evolve as we make progress, receive feedback and learn from our experience. The decision of the PTSA board and SO chair will be final.

Team Formation

  • Student’s self-organize to form their own team
  • Each student, be it a 6th, 7th or 8th grade can participate and contribute equally provided they put in sufficient effort
  • Previous participants in SO will have an advantage due to prior knowledge of one or more subjects, but a new student with dedication and effort can perform equally well
  • Enable continuation of SO at EMS by giving an opportunity to form mixed grade teams
Team Formation Steps
  • Any 6th - 8th grader students enrolled as members of EMS Science Club is eligible to register for SO.
    • Registration for SO will be open from 9/23 to 9/27. These dates are final and no exception will be allowed. Any student that has not registered by this date will not be able to participate in SO. There will be a registration fee of $25 which will be collected after team formation is completed.
  • We will have an informational session on 9/25 for all students and parents interested in SO. This is for the benefit of those that missed the Enrichment Club informational sessions and will also include information on team formation (This section). All parents and students registering for SO are encouraged to participate.
  • Registered student information will be shared on 9/28 with all students registered for SO through their parents to form teams on a shared drive.
    • Between 9/26 to 10/2, students can interact between themselves and form a team of 6 – 8 students. This pre-formed teams by students will reduce chaos and will serve as a good starting point to form teams quickly while still giving an opportunity to students that have not been able to form a team yet, at EMS-Commons on 10/3. Teams with less than 6 or more than 8 should register as individuals. This provides for another 50% of students to be added to any team.
    • Teams come up with their own team name. These are temporary team names for intermediate team formation purposes only.
    • Students meet on 10/3 to form and finalize teams
      • Students form groups in the EMS Common area based on their team names.
      • Individuals that are not part of a team form one separate group
      • Student teams and individuals interact with each other to fill remainder of the open spots which could vary between 7 and 9.
      • During these interactions, a match can be done based on but not limited to student comradery, the proximity of location, time and schedule to meet, etc. until a team reaches a max of 15 students. All these activities are performed by students on the gym floor.
    • At the end of this process we expect to have no more than 6 teams. The final team names will be decided based on a lucky draw from the pre-defined list.
    • Once the teams are finalized one of the parents will be picked as the coach by the team.

Additional Commitments

  • Schedule, Practice and Progress
    • Assign events to students ensuring no schedule conflicts
    • Collaborate with coaches for block schedule
    • Assist with Gather materials from SO website
    • Ensure dates (invitational and regional work for everyone on team).
    • Encourage students to take and report practice tests/invitationals.
    • Escalate issues/matter to co-ordinator as needed.
    • Monitor progress of all events and resolve conflicts within teams. Ensure that all members are active and participating satisfactorily.
    • Providing question papers and materials whenever needed.
    • Help with brainstorming solutions for build events.
    • Resolve conflicts within the team. Maintain cordial relationship with the teacher and all coaches.
    • Keep SO Student families apprised of challenges and accomplishments.
    • Encourage students to follow up with each other to keep student members honest.
    • Must inform SO Coordinator if a student drops out. Works with SO Coordinator to backfill spots.
    • Take team Pictures and share.
    • Build positive team morale.
    • Have a conversation with student families who are not participating and create a plan.
  • Invitational and Tournaments
    • Collaborate with SO Chair/Coordinator for Block Schedule Sign up prior to every invitational and tournament.
    • Invitational Signups. (Debatable): Because each invitational manages its own signups and schedules it is open, to decide who fills this task: Does SO Chair fill this role? (Chinook required only SO chair to register for the invitational, whereas other invitationals could be registered by SO Chair)
    • Be polite and professional to Regional Coordinator and Tournament Directors at all times, under any circumstance
    • Under any circumstances  NOT do anything to jeopardize the continuity of the program for future years for the school.
    • Work with Tournament Director/SO Chair for each event.
    • Work with all coaches in a unified way, when resolving issues with tournament/invitational director. Keep School Coordinator in loop.
    • Maintain professional transparent communication at all times, helping school coaches.
    • If so arranged, sign up for events for each tournament, promptly, a few days prior to each tournament.
    • Handle and register disputes during Tournament.
    • Educate Team parents on code of conduct during Invitationals and Tournaments.
    • Coordinate Team Snacks during Tournaments(Optional)
    • Create Team T-Shirt. (Optional)
    • Help with sponsoring a team event for invitationals.
    • Arrange snacks for the team for invitationals
  • Finance
    • Collect funds from team to share expenses. Manage team finances. 
Student Families (Parents & Students)
  • SO takes management and coordination. Parent participation is required.
  • Student families must participate in team meetings arranged by Coach.
  • Parent must serve as the coach for the events student is participating and guide/mentor students for their events. Especially in the beginning.  Once students understand, they are eventually are able to guide themselves on the next steps.
  • Procure materials for building (from shops, or websites) to support event.
  • Provide raw materials (like a binder, stationary) for students to maintain all their notes in a binder
  • Provide study materials. Provide students access to a printer, computer and monitored internet access.
  • Maintain a schedule of invitationals and Tournament dates and ensure no conflicts occur with family
  • If a conflict occurs, inform coach, event partner, their families right away.
  • Help students take practice tests to enhance learning.
  • Note that at the time of SO Registration, Tournament site dates and Invitational dates are unknown. Families need to be flexible to accommodate SO Schedule and inform team coach if they can’t make it to Regionals at the earliest possible date.
  • Role of Student:
    • Prepare well for the event. Read the syllabus provided by SO for your event
    • Attend all invitationals & tournaments
    • Schedule and Take practice tests regularly. Work on Build events and labs.
    • Ensure event is supported with sufficient practice.
    • Follow up on progress with teammates.

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