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Welcome to the portal for current 8th grade families! Your student is about to leave Evergreen and start their high school adventure!

This page is meant to pull together all the information we have for you so it's all in one place! All of this has also been communicated in our newsletter and Facebook. 

Important Dates:

4/30 - Eastlake Welcome to the Pack, 6pm

5/20 - Deadline for fun night paperwork

5/24 - Deadline for baby pictures

6/10 - 8th Grade Parent Celebration, 7pm

6/13 - 8th Grade Fun Night, 4:55-9:45pm 


8th Grade Festivities

We Need Baby Pictures!

We are looking for baby and current photos of this year's 8th grade students to be included in a slide show at the 8th Grade Celebration.  For the Celebration Slide Show, parents may submit one or two photos.  The two photos should consist of one baby photo (usually between the ages of 6 months and 5 years old), and one more recent photo of your child that showcases some sort of talent or activity they enjoy.

Photos should be in electronic form and emailed to Evergreen ASB at EMSASB@lwsd.org.

If 2 photos are submitted, they will be shown side by side (split screen).  If you can place the photos side by side in one file or document, before sending, please do so. Please set the file name of each photo to your child's first and last name. All photos must look uniform, so no borders, filter effects, and don't add words or font please. If you cannot place your two photos side by side in one file, please rename each photo file with your child's full name and number them 1 & 2. We will do our best to place them side by side for you.

The deadline for submission of any photos is Friday, May 24th. This deadline is firm because there are approximately 450 eighth grade students who each submit up to 2 photos.  We need to have time to put all the photos into the slideshow.  If everyone waits until May 24th to submit, we have up to 900 photos to manipulate in a short period of time.  We really need parents to submit their photos NOW.  We greatly appreciate you taking this into consideration and getting pictures submitted early if possible, but at the very least, by May 24th.  Any photos received after May 24th will NOT be entered into the slide show. 

(*The 8th Grade Parent Celebration will take place on Monday, June 10th. Read below for more info about this and other 8th grade events.)

8th Grade Celebration

The 8th Grade Parent Celebration, on June 10th, will include the 8th grade program and a slideshow/video presentation. *Remember to send in your 1 or 2 photos by May 24th! (See info about baby photo submission above in the Eagle Express!)  The 8th Grade Celebration is for immediate family members only (parents and siblings). We apologize, but with almost 450 eighth graders this year, we do not have room for extended family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins) in the gym. This celebration is not a formal event. It will be a casual event, but school dress code still applies. Students are encouraged to wear their 8th grade class t-shirts on this night, and to the Fun Night later in the week. The program is scheduled to run from 7:00-7:45PM with refreshments to follow from 7:45-8:15PM. 

If you have questions about the 8th Grade Celebration or Fun Day, email Trish Miller, Activities Coordinator at trimiller@lwsd.org or emsasb@lwsd.org.

8th Grade Fun Night

8th graders are in for a treat - on June 13 we will be taking them to the Family Fun Center for an afternoon full of fun! Students will gather at 4:55pm at the EMS gym and load up on busses at 5pm. They will be back to the school around 9:45pm. 

8th Grade students will receive paperwork in their 6th period classes on Monday, April 22nd, regarding the 8th Grade Fun Night and 8th Grade Parent Celebration. Be sure to ask your student for their paperwork and read through it carefully.  (Forms can also be found on the EMS Website).


8th Grade parents, please note that all paperwork and fees for the 8th Grade Fun Night are due to Ms. Nilsen (ASB Secretary) at the cashier window, by lunchtime on Monday, May 20th

All 8th graders who wish to attend Fun Night (on June 13th) need to turn in the following 3 things by May 20th:

  1. Permission Slip
  2. T-shirt order form
  3. $50 fee (cash, or check made out to Evergreen Middle School)

*All three items must be turned in at the same time to Ms. Nilsen at the cashier window.

The cashier window is open before school every day from 7:45am-8:20am and during all three lunches.  The cashier window closes at the end of C lunch, so NO payments may be made after school.

If your 8th grade student wants to go to Fun Night on June 13th, they must have the 3 things listed above turned in by lunchtime on Monday, May 20th! Don't miss out!  Get your paperwork in to Ms. Nilsen ASAP!


High School Information

Eastlake High School


April 30, 2019 Welcome to the Pack! 

Eastlake High School would like to formally invite you and your entire family to the annual Eastlake High School ‘Welcome to the Pack’ event on Tuesday, April 30th from 6-8 pm. This is an opportunity for us to gather as a community and celebrate the spirit and culture of Eastlake, showcase many of the amazing aspects of our school, and help prepare our incoming class of 9th graders to be more familiar with Eastlake High School.

There will be performances from our band, choir, orchestra and drama students in the theater. Our mascot, with the support from our cheer and dance teams, will be welcoming everyone. Guided tours will be given throughout the evening. Information will be available on the many clubs, electives and athletic opportunities provided here at Eastlake HS.

There will be teachers representing their department available for questions and sharing the fine work they do. The student store will be open and in full operation as families begin to increase their Eastlake gear (please have cash or a check).

Please join the Eastlake staff on April 30th as we celebrate this amazing school we call home and welcome next year’s 9th grade class, the soon-to-be graduates of 2023. We hope you’re able to attend and begin to feel what it’s like to be Wolf Strong Pack Strong

Eastlake Community Annual Survey

Each year, the EHS PTSA seeks feedback from the community to help info priorities and plans. If you have students going to Eastlake next year, please take a moment to fill out this survey!  

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