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Color Fundraiser Poster no txtbx 2018

Budget _ Monthly Reports

a. Treasurer Report July 2016
b. Treasurer Report Aug 2016
c. Treasurer Report Sept 2016
d. Treasurer Report Oct 2016
e. Treasurer Report Nov 2016
f. Treasurer Report Dec 2016
g. Treasurer Report Jan 2017
h. Treasurer Report Feb 2017
i. Treasurer Report Mar 2017
j. Treasurer Report Apr 2017
k. Treasurer Report May 2017
l. Treasurer Report Jun 2017
m. Treasurer Report July 2017 2
n. Treasurer Report Aug 2017 2
o. Treasurer Report Sep 2017
p. Treasurer Report Oct 2017



Meeting Minutes

09_19_18 GM 2018-2019 EMS Budget
09_19_18 GM August 18 Treasurer Report
09_19_18 GM July 18 Treasurer Report
09_19_18 GM June 2018 GM Minutes
09_19_18 GM Slide Deck
09_19_19 GM Proposed 2018-19 Standing Rules
a. PTSA BOD Meeting May 12, 2016
b. PTSA Gen. Membership Meeting June 9, 2016
c. PTSA Gen. Membership Mtg. Sept. 15, 2016
d. PTSA BOD Meeting Oct. 13, 2016
e. PTSA BOD Meeting Nov. 10, 2016
f. PTSA BOD Meeting Dec. 8, 2016
g. PTSA Gen. Membership Meeting Jan. 12, 2017
h. PTSA BOD Meeting Feb. 9, 2017
i. PTSA BOD Meeting March 9, 2017
j. PTSA Gen. Memb. Mtg. April 13, 2017
k. PTSA BOD Meeting May 25 2017
l. PTSA Gen Membership Meeting June 8 2017
m. Gen. Membership Meeting Sept 14 2017
n. PTSA BOD Meeting Oct 12 2017
o. PTSA BOD Meeting Nov 9 2017
p. PTSA BOD Meeting Dec 7 2017


2018 RHS Dance Camp
2018-2019 EMS Ski Bus WebbSki
8th grade celebration packet for parents 2018
EMS Award Form _ 2018
EMS Award Recipients 2002-2016
EMS Funds Request Form
EMS President Letter 2018-2019 2
EMS President Letter 2018-2019
EMS Reimbursement Form
Family Technology Boundaries
Online Safety Resources _digital_
Parent App Glossary
Reflections Entries Preparation
Volunteer Hours Tracking sheet


A Hero Journey- note
A Hero_s Journey
Anyone can be a hero - note
Anyone can be a hero
Anyone can be a hero
Dance in C major - Note
Dance in c major
Excerpt From Courage
Hidden Heroes
Hope Lays Here
Unsung Heroes

School Directory

Evergreen Directory 2018-19


Audition Form Evergreen
Committee descriptions
Middle School monologues
Production Contract Evergreen
Student Emergency and Medical Form